Do I have to meet you outside my dorm building?

Nope! We have swipe access into every dorm building on the 40 and will bring your food to your door.


Where do you Deliver from?

We will be delivering food from Bear's Den, Cherry Tree Cafe, and Paws & Go.


How Quickly will I Receive my Food?

We will deliver your food once the Dining Services staff prepares it and brings it to our DormDrop station inside BD. Please allow up to 15 minutes from the time BD Dining Services makes your food for us to bring it to your door. Your food will remain in a temperature-controlled environment. Important note: we will not deliver your food until you have scheduled and paid for your delivery on this website.


Why Haven't I Received my Food Yet?

First, make sure you gave us the correct room number and order number on your DormDrop order. If these are both correct, please text (310) 753-8846, and we will try to find your food.


Which Payment Options do you Accept?

We currently only accept debit or credit card payments through our website.